Tuesday, September 30

Say hello to Skully

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Monday, September 29

Interesting video:

Well, this is rare... I usually stay clear of politics, at least publicly. BUT:

Here's an interesting video titled, "Burning down the house: What caused our economic crisis? V2"

My Mom passed this along to me. It has been posted to a political page on YouTube by the user named, "TheMouthPeace."

Definitely opposed to Obama and supportive of McCain, but regardless of who you are voting for; I think this is well worth watching. There is some interesting information in this!

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Tuesday, September 23

Barnyard Profile

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Alternate Reflection #2

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Monday, September 22

Fresh Water POP Display:

Don't ask... I'll try to explain later. For now, I'm uploading videos for homework. :o)



Box 2

Box standing for scale

Glue shelves to box for display

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Stone Hill & Hermanhoff Wineries:

Matt & I went to the Stone Hill & Hermanhoff wineries with the Western employees at my office on Saturday. I had my first experience getting a tad toasted from wine. I found this really sweet "Pink Catawba" and after just a few glasses was already feeling the effects. I was glad we were headed back to the bus, but only then found out we were going to another winery - Hermanhoff! Once we arrived there a group of us went to a wine tasting and that was when I was really feeling loopy. Matt said that I acted fine, just became extremely talkative to anyone that would listen. Ha! I can't remember the last time I was even drunk, but it was nice to have a beautiful day out to enjoy myself and let loose a bit.

It was a long trip home in our touring bus that had an "out of order" restroom (even though our coordinator paid extra for a bathroom!) and a broken air conditioning unit. I think it was thirty or forty degrees cooler outside the bus. Fortunately for us, the bus made a stop at the Warrenton commuter parking lot where we got off. The rest of the gang had to ride all the way to our office in Saint Louis. I tried to tell them all to hike it to our house two miles up the road. hehe "We have a/c and two bathrooms!" Luckily, they didn't listen; we probably would have had several Western employees staying the night - and I'm not sure how they would have made it back to the office from there.

After we ran home for a bit, I called Mom and left her a VM telling her I was not in the condition to drive, but Matt could pick up the boys whenever she needed us to. Later, Matt was driving me to my parents. We passed the Strassenbash that was going on in Wright City on the way and I happily shouted to anyone we drove past, "Strassenbash... Woo!" (With both my feet resting on the outside window.) I think I shouted at a few other people we drove through town too, but I couldn't tell you what I said. Nothing vulgar or mean, I was a happy drunk... Ha!

I fell asleep on the couch later that evening. Matt was a great sport and put the boys to bed. I woke up at around Midnight. I got up, took a few Ibuprophen, and drank a glass of water before flopping into bed as it spun me to sleep.

Here's a few random videos of our day at the wineries. (I wish I would have taken more, but didn't generally think about it unless I was sitting down.) You can see them get a bit more wobbly as time goes on.

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Saturday, September 6

Fish Pool 2008

Below is a video of the boys fishing in the public pool earlier today. They each had a blast and we are now very proud owners of three goldfish. Joel has the smallest, Nathan is the medium, and Anthony's is the largest. Funny how it worked out that way!

I did not get that much video of Joel because I ended up getting in (jeans and all) to help him. We were the last one's in his age group to catch that fish, but I was determined! lol

Here's are the videos (couldn't make the movie all together, the file was too large) Enjoy!:

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