Monday, January 19

Super Bowl

Well, those of you who know me - already know this has absolutely nothing to do with the actual sport; sorry fellas. However, it does involve footballs.

You see, our company's Chairman of the Board always said that he wanted to see us have a "super bowl year." Well, in 2006 we beat our record profit since we were established in 1915. (We have also beat that record in 2007 and again in 2008.) Word spread throughout our company that we were, in fact, having a "super bowl year."

The Director of Business Development (my boss) decided that he would like to purchase some footballs and give it to the branches that reached and/or exceeded their marketing goals for that year, which includes profit. I was asked to handwrite on each of the twenty or so footballs that would be handed out as a surprise award during an upcoming meeting. I agreed, ordered some paint markers, and once my boss purchased every NFL football nearby, I got to work.

Each football consisted of three lines of text. I began by writing the text out on paper, cutting that out in a block, taping it to the football (just below where I would write) to use as a guide when I wrote with the paint on the football.

Each football costs more than $40, and I had just enough for each branch receiving an award, so there was no room for error. I had to really concentrate and take my time on each letter. Plus, I have a love-hate relationship with those paint markers. They are amazing and SO fun to use, but they SUCK if you ever want to go over any place where the paint has already been applied, which I did everywhere. It tends to pick the paint up, rather than apply more. We also had some issues with a few that we did in gold paint marker. Because it ended up being such a pain the last few years, my boss requested that I simply use a Sharpie black marker on them all this year, which I was pleased about.

Well, these footballs were very well received. Everyone was raving about them. My boss coined my writing as the "Sara Font" years ago and now it can be seen on many projects. I often get requests for handwritten projects. In fact, every label sent out of my department is handwritten by myself.

But, I digress...

Because the footballs were so well liked by everyone I was asked to do them last year, and again this year. I began working on them this morning and have completed three of the 20 so far.

Here is what I have completed:

Actually, I've finished a total of five (including time for lunch) as I'm about to post this, so only 15 more to go.... *sigh*

I'll let you know when I finish them all.

[EDIT: Well, I did it... I finished all 20 footballs in two days! Now I'm heading for the closest bar to celebrate with a few tasty drinks.

No... wait, actually I have to drive an hour to get home, greet my family, eat dinner, put the boys to bed, and then do HOMEWORK! Yeah, it was a fun thought anyway...]

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  1. You never cease to amaze me! Those are great! I love Sara Font!

  2. I'm impressed :) you did it in less than a month :)

  3. Hardy har har...

    Wait, who are you again? :op

    Love ya stranger!


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