Tuesday, January 20

Blank Checks

Well, I still have footballs to finish, but I had another project request this morning and I thought it would be a nice break. I was asked to handwrite on these large cardboard checks to be given out at the same meeting as the footballs. Sealants is our distributor of supplies to all of our branches across the U.S. They work out of the warehouse downstairs. Here are some video and pictures of the five checks I was asked to write out:

By the way, I did not use any stencils or pencils marks (except for the guidelines). Going from a smooth leather autograph football to a bumpy cardboard surface was a bit awkward, but I had fun with the lettering.

Yes, this was the last one I did of the five, and I forgot "to" in "Pay TO the order of" Ooops! Brilliant... (At least it was on the cardboard, and not on the $40 footballs.)

It was a nice change of pace, though I wish the person I was doing them for would have make the entire check a white surface. It would look a lot nicer. This is what you get for a cheap, last-minute idea. Oh well... I enjoyed making them anyway, hopefully they like receiving them and aren't too busy laughing at their silliness to notice all the work I put into them.

Think they'd notice if I snuck one in with my name on it and a few thousand dollars? Just a few, that's all...

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  1. Good job, mama!!! I love seeing how you write it - where you put your pauses and everything. That's very interesting. Did you film it WHILE you were writing it?

  2. Thanks! I now what you mean, actually it was weird watching it. I was like, "I do that?" haha Yes, I had the camera in my left hand and the pen in my right. It was tricky holding the cardboard with my right arm while I wrote, but I was just having fun and they weren't anything critical so I thought playing around wouldn't hurt. Umm, yeah - that's how I forgot the "to"... hehe Oh well, it was no big deal.


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