Tuesday, January 13

Thoughts Without Language

I begin my Typography class today with a very intriguing question:

"We all have thoughts passing through our minds throughout the day. What kinds of thoughts (if any) do you think you would have if there were no such thing as language? "

I imagine thoughts full of color and shapes. Shimmery bright happy thoughts and vibrant and dark swirling emotion. I think even if there were no language to express our thoughts (even in our own minds) there would still be sounds to coordinate our thoughts. Bubbly, light, and airy sounds; soft, low, deep sounds; and everything in between. Man's mind is nothing short of expression and language isn't necessary in order to do so. There are gestures, colors, shapes, and all of these things that we use throughout design to convey feelings and messages, with or without statements made in any true language.

In addition, I think we would rely on imagery from our past to think our thoughts. If you were cold, you would imagine snow; likewise, if you were hot, perhaps you would bring to mind an image of the squelching sun. It would be like a picture without a headline. It still holds the same meaning to us as individuals, it's just harder to express to another human without being able to show them our colorful thoughts.

This was an intriguing question and I enjoyed pondering a bit on this one.

Now I'm curious; what would your answer be?

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  1. I'm so glad this is YOU going through school and not me. My answer would have been stupid.


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