Wednesday, January 21

My very first digital portrait

My very first attempt at a digital portrait. Unfortunately, I ran out of ink with lots of touch ups left unattended to. :o( Oh well, I enjoyed drawing what I was able to finish. Thank you in advance for any helpful criticism!


  1. Wow! When you're ready, let me know. I totally want you to do a portrait of Lorelai for me to frame.....whatever the cost. Let me know.

  2. Wow Sara. I am very impressed. VERY. That is phenomenal. Or however you spell it. Your classes are paying off. Big time. Who is the portrait of? MOM

  3. Just a picture of some random girl. I like practicing on people that no one knows! lol There's less pressure that way. ;o} I'm contemplating trying someone more familiar and Rach asked me to do one for her, so we'll see how all those go.


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