Monday, December 22

Anthony's Santa Hat

I brought out the video camera to capture some images of the boys for a project I'm working on. Here are two of the videos of Anthony and then some of all three. I was merely trying to get some good snapshots, but the videos are pretty noteworthy (though I am biased...) Let me know what you think!

"Merry Christmas everybody!"

Awww, what a smile!

(In case you're curious - like me - I threw in "Okay, now what's 7 x 6" there at the end. He's been practicing his multiplication tables and I knew it'd get a smile... which it did.)

Okay, now go here to see some more from Nathan

or here to see more video from Joel.

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Nathan as Santa

Nathan has the most adorable grin, but put a camera in his face and he has this tight, silly grin that I can NOT get him to break from... try as I might!

See for yourself:

Oh yeah, don't forget to check out my last post

containing videos of Joel HERE!

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Santa Claus is coming!

I was attempting to get Baby Joel to smile for a picture, but the video turned out pretty cute too... take a look! *smile!*

Here's another video of Joel doing his rendition of "Jingle Bells!"

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Thursday, December 18

I aced this week's quiz!

Oh my gosh! I just received my grade for this week's Algebra quiz and I aced it! This one seemed easier to me than the rest. I actually enjoyed the word problems this time, rather than staying up all night pulling my hair out trying to come up with an equation for a problem like;

"The Hudson River flows at a rate of 3 miles per hour. A patrol boat travels 60 miles upriver, and returns in a total time of 9 hours. What is the speed of the boat in still water?"

Here's my test, if you're interested, click HERE.

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Tuesday, December 16

Santa; "So, Joel... what would you like for Christmas?"

(This is where you guess what Joel wants...)

Joel wants a horse!

He asked Santa for one last weekend and told me that was what he wanted when I asked him. I said "Where will we keep a horse?" He replied, "in the backyard! Then, you can walk him while I ride him around the block!"


I think we may need a bigger Christmas tree!

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Monday, December 15

More Videos of Autumn '08:

As I mentioned in my previous post "Goodbye Fall" I have additional video showing Anthony, Nathan, and Joel at the pumpkin farm.

Below is a video of Nathan riding one of the horses. He had a blast!

Look at the beautiful horse, the tail looks like real gold threads!

Anthony and Joel could not wait to ride the horse either. None of them wanted the ride to end. Here's video of more horse riding:

"I rode the horsie!"

It's time to pick our pumpkins...

Horse drawn carriage ride! This is a long video, sorry! (I had to post it though, Mom just claimed she'd never ridden on a horse-drawn carriage... hehe - Love you Mom!)

[Too long, apparently... it wouldn't post - I tried!]

I'll add a pic later instead...

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Thursday, December 4

Buying Eyeglasses Online

Won’t cost you a fortune anymore!

As most of you know I found out that I had to wear glasses in second grade. That trip home was full of many little miracles for me. I had no idea that my vision was poor prior to that day.

Once my doctor placed those frames on my little nose things came into focus for the very first time. Mom put me in the car and as we were driving down the road that spring I was able to see the tiny buds that had began appearing on the branches.

I remember shouting, “Look! Mom, there are WIRES between those poles!” Ha! It may sound hysterical to you now, but I had never seen the telephone wires before.

People on television suddenly had facial features and I could see the expression, rather than just hear it in their voice. It was one of the most amazing adventures I have ever had.

Though back then, wearing glasses was not near as cool and trendy as it now is. I was proud of mine and actually beamed when anyone called me “four eyes.” Dad had fed me the line “Four eyes are better than two!” I meant it every time.

Now they really are cool. My son Nathan actually hopes to have to wear them and can’t wait to have his first eye exam. (Strange kid, I know…!) I have known a few adults that wanted to wear glasses just because they loved the frames and the way they accentuated their face. Well, I spent a fortune on a new pair of rimless eyeglasses last year.

If only I had known…

I just found out about Opitcal4Less and they have high quality prescription eyeglasses at a cost that certainly won’t break your budget. You can buy your own pair for as little as $15.00! You could have a different pair of eyeglasses for each day of the week at a price like that!

I could have purchased similar rimless frames for a quarter of what I paid through a local department store vision center – even with insurance.

My oldest son, Anthony found out he had to wear glasses in third grade. I bought him his first pair of glasses when I purchased mine last year. Within a week, he broke the frames. We went through another vision care center and bought him another frame for his lenses and within a month or so – they had disappeared. (We later found out he had broke those too, but was too ashamed to tell us – poor guy.) My point – with young children and glasses you can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on each pair. I highly recommend you take a look at Optical4Less!

To make things even better, they offer free: anti-reflective coating, UV protection coating, anti-scratch hard coating, a stylish hard case to keep them safe, a quality glass cleaning cloth, and more.

These diamond shaped alloy frames are overstocked and on sale now for only $15.00!

I browsed some of the rimless glasses and I like these pink rhinestone eyeglasses below:

They even feature a virtual try-on system! You upload your photo and find what frames work for your face. What a phenomenal and unique idea! Simply upload your photo in the Online Fitting Room, select the glasses you want and follow the Auto Fitting instructions in the step-by-step tutorial, and voila! You are now ready to explore tinting options, clip art additions and even create your own Poll Page where you can invite others to vote on which glasses look the hottest on you!

Click HERE to view a few words from a Mom that has a daughter wearing (and breaking) glasses and is now a happy customer at O4L.

Wednesday, December 3

Connect Now & Watch Me!

Come check it out... click HERE to share my computer screen in my new meeting room. Perhaps watch me design a layout or two. ;o}

Well, I'll mention in the "Links of Interest" above if I am "ONLINE" or "OFFLINE," so, check there and join me if you can. *smile!*
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Diaper Dan

I know, I know... it's supposed to be "Dapper Dan," but that's what came to mind when I decided to share a little something with you (...perhaps merely the two of you that already know about them... but, oh well. *Ahem* Where was I...? Oh yes!). Look at this crafty idea for holding a spare diaper and wipes for those little outings with baby. My cousin, Rachel has all these fun hand-made items in her adorable cyber shop, "ShutTheFrontDoor."

I saw this one and absolutely fell madly, deeply in love with the pattern and material here:

Knotty and Nice Just-in-Case Diaper and Wipes Set

I hope you don't mind my posting that Rach, I just saw it and showing that one off was a must!

I can't wait to see what you come up with next...

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Tuesday, December 2

Goodbye Fall

It's Rolie Polie Joel-ie!
[Note: I'll soon be posting TONS of video and pics from the North family reunion, so stay tuned!]

Well, now that Autumn is coming to a close I thought I'd post some videos of our family outing in October. The place we usually go to is now only selling Christmas trees until they run out of those and close for good. I was very depressed to hear that our yearly tradition of picking pumpkins there was over. However, we went to a farm down the road from my parents house and had quite a good time.

There was horse riding, tons of great fall snacks and crafts, horse-pulled carriage rides, lots of farm animals to look at while your five year old son is lost... wha... wait, more on that later.

Here's some videos of the first thing the boys had to do - play in the giant vats of corn, wheat, and soybeans:

"Corn, corn, and more corn!" At least I think this one is the corn, I can't see from here! Is that soybean?? Not sure just, you'll have to watch and see if you can tell me...

Did you SEE that? My Dad playing with the pink bucket?!? Ha! I'm not sure who had more fun, him or the kids.

Here's a free agent... I mean my hubby! (He loves when I call him that!
Er, "hubby" - not "free agent." hehe)

{More later, I have an algebra quiz to work on...}

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Friday, November 21

Enjoy The Show

This song "The Show" by Lenka was stuck in my head ALL DAY yesterday. I had to look it up because I could not remember who sang it. I usually have to listen to an entire song to get the small portion out of my head.

Anyway, here's the video of this great new song, if you haven't heard it...

Now you'll have it stuck in your head too! *Insert evil laugh here* :op

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Monday, November 17

Address not found

Has anyone tried mapping an address that isn't found by Mapquest, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, or the like? Our entire subdivision is nothing but dirt on Google Earth and our address does not exist with any map I have used in the last three years. It's frustrating when you're trying to give out directions and you can't pull up a map without finding the spot yourself.

Here's a map of our subdivision ye old dirt... lol

View Larger Map

It's frustrating because we have lived there for nearly four years! We have grass now, I swear!

Well, I decided to do a little research on how to add our address to these maps - particularly Google Maps, because I use them all the time. I found two useful sites and added our address to each of them. I would imagine it will take some time for the maps to be updated, and then they are merely available for sale to map sites like those mentioned earlier. It could still take years for them to be added! LOL But, at least I'm being somewhat proactive about it. I can't stand that we're not on these maps. It's like we don't even exist! hehe

Anyway, the first site is: NAVTEQ Map Reporter™
"Travelers, businesses and leading device manufacturers choose NAVTEQ maps for their accuracy and reliability. You can help us maintain and improve that accuracy by reporting changes whenever you see them."

The second major source of maps is Map Insight by TeleAtlas.

So, if you run across any addresses that do not exist, no longer exist, or are in need of an update - you know where to go too! *smile*

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Friday, November 14

College Math I

I have officially finished my first full year of college courses! Yay ME! hehe

My College Math I class began last night. Would you believe I'm actually looking forward to taking this class!? Especially after my last two utterly boring classes: Concept Development and Analysis & History of Design *yawn*.

Did I lose you too?

I am actually quite fond of algebra and am anxious to begin. We'll see how much I remember though, since I haven't really applied any math directly since I graduated from high school in '97. I'm anxious to get a head start before my Anthony's math homework reaches beyond what I currently remember! ;o}

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Thursday, November 13

Gift Ideas for Joel:

Joel's gift ideas:

Well, a few family members have been asking what to get Joel for his birthday, so I decided to dedicate a post to what Joel likes and what he would enjoy.

Joel hasn't really found his favorite subject like a particular movie, animals, or cars/trucks so finding suggestions for him can be tricky. However, finding something he will love is simple. He loves almost any toys and games like Elefun, which we have and he plays several times a day (YES - a DAY!). Any games directed to the toddler age would be perfect.

One I know he wants is a game called "What's in Ned's Head?" The link says it's out of stock, so it may be hard to find.

There is the old cash register that we had as kids. Mom has one at her house and Joel LOVES that thing. I know he wouldn't mind having one of his very own. ;o}

There's the "Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar" so he will quit fighting for Nathan's guitar. Ha!

A bathtime toy: "Wonderpets Fly Boat."

Those are just a few that I can think of right now. I'll ask him at home tonight and see if he has anything he'd like to add to the list.

Love you all and see you on Sunday!

P.S. (If anyone is in need of directions, just let me know!)
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Monday, November 10

Joel is THREE!

I've sent out an Evite for our birthday party -slash- candle party this Sunday:

Follow this LINK and let me know if you can attend!



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Wednesday, November 5

Painting with lipstick:

Wow, you have to watch this painting of Angelina Jolie created with LIPSTICK! It's fascinating... I would have never thought to use lipstick to draw, but I bet it would blend great. Though, I'm not sure where the artist gets all these obscure colors. Quite an expensive hobby! Let me know what you think...

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Tuesday, November 4

Election Day 2008

Matt and I voted today shortly before the polls were closed. Luckily, there was not a line because the boys were sitting quietly in the hall just outside the room. We accepted some bumper stickers and what-not from a woman outside the church on our way in, but when we entered the room to vote a woman took them from us and when we were finished voting Matt asked to have them back and the woman acted like she didn't know what he was talking about. "Stickers for what?" When he explained that he was looking for the bumper stickers that she had taken from us she had to retrieve them from the trash! I didn't mind that they had taken them away from us, but did she really have to throw them away? Geez, what would they have done if I had worn a campaign t-shirt? Ha! Really though, I w as a bit perturbed by that. I'm not even sure I understand why they had to take them. I had them where you couldn't even see the name on them and we weren't flaunting them to persuade the zero other voters in the room. Oh well, I know there were much worse circumstances today and we did get our votes in. That's the most important thing. Anyone else have any interesting instances while voting today?

Edit: Oh I forgot to mention... Did anyone see the adorable Google logo for today's election? I just love how they change them for different seasons, holidays, and what-not. Here was today's version:

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Tuesday, October 28

Clear Platform Heel

Just a quick draw with my tablet. Hope you enjoy! :oD \

This image represented more to me than just cheap plastic shoes. This represented all those fun special moments spent with the girly friends throughout my lifetime. I like to think that we shared moments and sides of ourselves that were rarely shown to others. We could be as silly as we wanted, as dorky as we cared to be, and sometimes a bit on the sleazy side. Ha! (jk) Each of the girls in my life have meant more to me than they'll ever know. I still think of most of them on occassion and wish them all the best in the world. These were the thoughts running through my head as I smiled and drew this picture of this cheesy platform shoe. This is the result of having fun and fond memories flash through your head as your hand continues to draw. I think it's my favorite digital painting I have done thus far.

Here's the non-animated copy for those of you that cannot get the video to work.

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