Thursday, December 4

Buying Eyeglasses Online

Won’t cost you a fortune anymore!

As most of you know I found out that I had to wear glasses in second grade. That trip home was full of many little miracles for me. I had no idea that my vision was poor prior to that day.

Once my doctor placed those frames on my little nose things came into focus for the very first time. Mom put me in the car and as we were driving down the road that spring I was able to see the tiny buds that had began appearing on the branches.

I remember shouting, “Look! Mom, there are WIRES between those poles!” Ha! It may sound hysterical to you now, but I had never seen the telephone wires before.

People on television suddenly had facial features and I could see the expression, rather than just hear it in their voice. It was one of the most amazing adventures I have ever had.

Though back then, wearing glasses was not near as cool and trendy as it now is. I was proud of mine and actually beamed when anyone called me “four eyes.” Dad had fed me the line “Four eyes are better than two!” I meant it every time.

Now they really are cool. My son Nathan actually hopes to have to wear them and can’t wait to have his first eye exam. (Strange kid, I know…!) I have known a few adults that wanted to wear glasses just because they loved the frames and the way they accentuated their face. Well, I spent a fortune on a new pair of rimless eyeglasses last year.

If only I had known…

I just found out about Opitcal4Less and they have high quality prescription eyeglasses at a cost that certainly won’t break your budget. You can buy your own pair for as little as $15.00! You could have a different pair of eyeglasses for each day of the week at a price like that!

I could have purchased similar rimless frames for a quarter of what I paid through a local department store vision center – even with insurance.

My oldest son, Anthony found out he had to wear glasses in third grade. I bought him his first pair of glasses when I purchased mine last year. Within a week, he broke the frames. We went through another vision care center and bought him another frame for his lenses and within a month or so – they had disappeared. (We later found out he had broke those too, but was too ashamed to tell us – poor guy.) My point – with young children and glasses you can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on each pair. I highly recommend you take a look at Optical4Less!

To make things even better, they offer free: anti-reflective coating, UV protection coating, anti-scratch hard coating, a stylish hard case to keep them safe, a quality glass cleaning cloth, and more.

These diamond shaped alloy frames are overstocked and on sale now for only $15.00!

I browsed some of the rimless glasses and I like these pink rhinestone eyeglasses below:

They even feature a virtual try-on system! You upload your photo and find what frames work for your face. What a phenomenal and unique idea! Simply upload your photo in the Online Fitting Room, select the glasses you want and follow the Auto Fitting instructions in the step-by-step tutorial, and voila! You are now ready to explore tinting options, clip art additions and even create your own Poll Page where you can invite others to vote on which glasses look the hottest on you!

Click HERE to view a few words from a Mom that has a daughter wearing (and breaking) glasses and is now a happy customer at O4L.

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