Tuesday, December 2

Goodbye Fall

It's Rolie Polie Joel-ie!
[Note: I'll soon be posting TONS of video and pics from the North family reunion, so stay tuned!]

Well, now that Autumn is coming to a close I thought I'd post some videos of our family outing in October. The place we usually go to is now only selling Christmas trees until they run out of those and close for good. I was very depressed to hear that our yearly tradition of picking pumpkins there was over. However, we went to a farm down the road from my parents house and had quite a good time.

There was horse riding, tons of great fall snacks and crafts, horse-pulled carriage rides, lots of farm animals to look at while your five year old son is lost... wha... wait, more on that later.

Here's some videos of the first thing the boys had to do - play in the giant vats of corn, wheat, and soybeans:

"Corn, corn, and more corn!" At least I think this one is the corn, I can't see from here! Is that soybean?? Not sure just, you'll have to watch and see if you can tell me...

Did you SEE that? My Dad playing with the pink bucket?!? Ha! I'm not sure who had more fun, him or the kids.

Here's a free agent... I mean my hubby! (He loves when I call him that!
Er, "hubby" - not "free agent." hehe)

{More later, I have an algebra quiz to work on...}

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  1. You're telling me! I was up until 4:00 a.m. working on that stupid quiz! lol My scanner decided to not work just when I needed to turn in my work. I was able to turn it in, but now I'm exhausted! zzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZ

  2. FYI - I passed it with flying colors! (53/57)

    Only one week left of brain-jolting algebra!

    Helloooooo much needed WINTER BREAK!


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