Monday, December 15

More Videos of Autumn '08:

As I mentioned in my previous post "Goodbye Fall" I have additional video showing Anthony, Nathan, and Joel at the pumpkin farm.

Below is a video of Nathan riding one of the horses. He had a blast!

Look at the beautiful horse, the tail looks like real gold threads!

Anthony and Joel could not wait to ride the horse either. None of them wanted the ride to end. Here's video of more horse riding:

"I rode the horsie!"

It's time to pick our pumpkins...

Horse drawn carriage ride! This is a long video, sorry! (I had to post it though, Mom just claimed she'd never ridden on a horse-drawn carriage... hehe - Love you Mom!)

[Too long, apparently... it wouldn't post - I tried!]

I'll add a pic later instead...

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