Wednesday, May 28


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Sun Conures

Here's the link to "Sun Conures"

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Saturday, May 24

Drawing Day 2008:

The Big Day

When is Drawing Day?

Drawing Day this year is June 07, 2008. Unless otherwise noted, Drawing Day will be the first Saturday of June each year.

What is Drawing Day?

One day a year, the world stops to remember that joy we had when we first picked up a pencil and created our first piece of art - that's what Drawing Day is all about. The goal for Drawing Day is simple - to create enough drawings to make some noise worldwide for the sake of art. 2008 is the first year of this initiative. Our goal is definitely a long-shot, but we're aiming for 1 million drawings worldwide. We have no precise measure to know if we reach this goal. If we come close we will all definitely know. Even if we reach 10% of our goal in the first year of this initiative, it will be a great achievement but we will continue aiming for the magic million.

Why is Drawing Day important?

Illustrators and artists alike often go unappreciated. The creation of art and illustration captured our minds ever since we were children and our parents turned the pages of our first book. These stories came to life via the illustrations that took us to an imaginary world full of inspiration.

Whether you're a professional illustrator or you just enjoy the occasional scribble, you can give back to the illustration community by drawing on this day. By injecting more and more illustration and art into our community, we are not only showing our appreciation to our fellow artists, but we are spreading awareness of the joy of drawing. It is important that you contribute - Drawing Day will only be a success if we all participate and make some noise. So, please tell your friends and spread the word.

How do I participate?

To join in on this event is simple - as simple as picking up a pencil and drawing. However, the most important part is sharing your art with the world.

In today's age of technology, the ability to share your art with the world is easier than ever. We have compiled a huge list of ways to participate and share your art online. These are some of the of the best ways to reach a broad audience.

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Wednesday, May 21

Invisible Contour

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Wednesday, May 14

Perspective: Week 6

These classes are expedited, so there are only three days in week six. Then, the next class begins immediately after. Except between semesters, then we get a little over a week off. Anyway, the only assignment that I submitted this week was my final piece. Then, we finished with critiques of each other's work. I got a lot of great feedback in this class and really fed off of it. This was my first class so far that included actual drawing and I was beyond excited about it. I don't draw much any more, so it was nice to have a true reason to set my butt down and put something on paper. It gave me some confidence to know that I still remembered how at all. lol Here are a few various views of my final:

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Tuesday, May 13

Perspective: Week 5

The fifth week we had to draw more in-depth and difficult objects. I thought I chose pretty difficult objects for the first drawing, so I just tried to find more obsure shapes for this one. We had to submit the outlines first, and then the same objects with shading and shadows added. Here are those:

Then, our next assignment was to come up with four different ideas to do for our final project and submit those thumbnails. Here were my four ideas that I posted:

I worked so hard on the ideas with the marbles. I just fell in love with the idea and wanted to come up with an image using them somehow. So, I came up with the first three... and could NOT think of a fourth idea. It was late, I had been up for hours and it was nearly the deadline. So, I quickly drew the idea for the island that I had used in the far background of a dragon picture many, many years ago. Which was everyone's favorite you might ask...? You got it, the island... *sigh* life just works that way at times, doesn't it? lol

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Monday, May 12

Perspective: Week 4

Week four in Perspective became a bit more in depth, which I craved at this point. We began learning about how to draw shadows and reflections. I was absolutely intrigued. I had only been shown how to "guess" where the light source was and therefore "guess" where the shadows would be. I had not realized there could be any formula involved (if you can call it that.) This was the first time I had ever been shown that there is a way to figure out exactly where the shadows would lay. It was very exciting and something I know I will use in the future! Here is some of my work from this week:

This first one was just a shadow excercise. We had to place objects under the light at different angles and draw them. Pretty basic stuff here.

This second drawing was of various objects with the same light source drawn in two-point perspective. The small circle near the top would be the light source. The dot directly beneath that is the shadow source. You use that dot to draw the shadow lines just as you do the object; using those orthogonal lines that I wanted to erase desperately! hehe I liked how this one turned out.

The last one is a made up landscape drawing using what we learned about shadows and reflections. Nothing special as far as the drawing goes, but I enjoyed drawing it anyway.

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Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day...!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mommies out there! Relax and enjoy it as best as absolutely possible!

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Saturday, May 10

Perspective: Week 3

The third week in Perspective class we learned about three-point perspective. There are two types of three-point perspective; bird's eye view (from above) and worm's eye view (from below.) I had not realized that this meant that the horizon should be quite high or quite low. All of our past projects had the horizon near the middle, so I goofed a bit on this one. It was the only few points I missed this entire class. I was just shy of a 100%. Anyway, here is what I turned in:

Also, please note that we were required to keep all those extra lines in our drawings (orthogonal lines), which drove me insane. I wanted to erase them ALL! lol

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Perspective: Week 2

This week we learned about two-point perspective. I really enjoyed this week in class. I had some great classmates that left some terrific feedback. I guess that's really the best thing about taking these online classes. A large portion of our grade is class discussion so while talking about each other's work is a bit forced, it really works out so well. We really get a lot of constructive critism; and more importantly for me - we learn out to GIVE constructive feedback. Anyway, here's some work from this week in class:

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Thursday, May 8

Perspective: Week 1

Here are some of my projects from the first week in my perspective class. We learned about one-point perspective. I thought it was going to be a bit like going over things I had already learned in high school... so repetitive, I guess. However, it was a great course. I really learned a lot, especially about how to lay out shadows, but I'll get into that in a later post. Here's my work:

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Character Competition Update:

As of today, my ranking is second and fifth for the Character competition! I am so shocked and thrilled... ! It's very exciting. My Crush drawing from "Finding Nemo" is in second place and the worm from "The Labyrinth" is in fifth.

Also, on a side note:

I just finished my Color Theory class yesterday. I'm awaiting my final grade. I need to go back and post some of my work from both Perspective and Color Theory. Though I think the work from my perspective class is more interesting to look at to those that aren't particularly aware of the assignment details. Some of my work from Color Theory is kind of boring otherwise.

I begin by English Comp class today, so I won't have anything too interesting to post in regards to school for a while. I'll keep posting any new drawings that I do on RateMyDrawings in my spare time though. I'll probably do most of those when Matt is on third shift so he's not getting angry at even more of my time spent away from him on the computer! hehe Love you Matt! ;o}

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Saturday, May 3

Crush from "Finding Nemo"

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