Saturday, May 10

Perspective: Week 3

The third week in Perspective class we learned about three-point perspective. There are two types of three-point perspective; bird's eye view (from above) and worm's eye view (from below.) I had not realized that this meant that the horizon should be quite high or quite low. All of our past projects had the horizon near the middle, so I goofed a bit on this one. It was the only few points I missed this entire class. I was just shy of a 100%. Anyway, here is what I turned in:

Also, please note that we were required to keep all those extra lines in our drawings (orthogonal lines), which drove me insane. I wanted to erase them ALL! lol

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  1. ha ha - apple trees.

    I would be SO confused with three points. I think I'd have to tap out around one or two.

  2. Yes, three points is a tad confusing. As I mentioned, I did not do it correctly. You should see the tops of the buildings because they should all be below the horizon. That was a rule that I did not necessarily agree with 100%. I argued that even if you are up high, in say a helicopter and you are looking down at the buildings... that does not necessarily mean that none of the buildings are going to be higher than your current perspective. But, I apparently lost that argument. lol


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