Tuesday, May 13

Perspective: Week 5

The fifth week we had to draw more in-depth and difficult objects. I thought I chose pretty difficult objects for the first drawing, so I just tried to find more obsure shapes for this one. We had to submit the outlines first, and then the same objects with shading and shadows added. Here are those:

Then, our next assignment was to come up with four different ideas to do for our final project and submit those thumbnails. Here were my four ideas that I posted:

I worked so hard on the ideas with the marbles. I just fell in love with the idea and wanted to come up with an image using them somehow. So, I came up with the first three... and could NOT think of a fourth idea. It was late, I had been up for hours and it was nearly the deadline. So, I quickly drew the idea for the island that I had used in the far background of a dragon picture many, many years ago. Which was everyone's favorite you might ask...? You got it, the island... *sigh* life just works that way at times, doesn't it? lol

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  1. first of all, I think my FAVORITE thing out of all of these is the cow udders. That is hilarious!

    secondly, I like the marbles and the island.....everything you do is fantastic!

  2. Hehe thanks... I thought the shadow udders were funny too. You know, not a single person in my class commented on them. I don't think they even noticed, so good eye! ;o}


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