Wednesday, May 21

Invisible Contour

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  1. Wow - you seriously have some talent, girl! This is so different than anything else I've seen you do!

  2. Yeah, I was just doodling on some paper the night before last and came up with something like these and decided to give it a go digitally. It is still strange for me to draw without having a reference picture to look at and abstract is definitely not my usual style, but I've been trying to go outside my comfort zone and just see what happens. ;o}

  3. You know, in complete honesty: Sometimes something I create intimidates me. I find myself thinking, "Whoa, I can't really do that and if I do something else, it's just gonna be awful and it will be obvious that it was just some freak accident." lol

    I know, I'm sad! So, I've been wanting to draw something and just decided to shake it off and go with something more fun and less my style to get myself going again.

    I don't know if this even makes any sense to anyone that is not me, but oh well... Ha! (I've had a frizzle frazzled day, so my brain is a bit wired.)

    I only have one reader to worry about presently anyway!

    Hugs for Rach - For not giving up on my blog, or for being a blog addict! ;o}

  4. I rate ALL your drawings the hightest! How difficult is it to draw digitally what you've already drawn by hand. You're awesome!

  5. Hey! did you draw that underwater drawing on the right of your blog?

  6. Ha! No, that's just my favorite drawing by a fellow artist. ;o} Isn't it FABULOUS!?! Simply amazing what people can do... (and wow, make that TWO readers of my blog... hehe)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    (And for the kind words.)



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