Thursday, May 8

Character Competition Update:

As of today, my ranking is second and fifth for the Character competition! I am so shocked and thrilled... ! It's very exciting. My Crush drawing from "Finding Nemo" is in second place and the worm from "The Labyrinth" is in fifth.

Also, on a side note:

I just finished my Color Theory class yesterday. I'm awaiting my final grade. I need to go back and post some of my work from both Perspective and Color Theory. Though I think the work from my perspective class is more interesting to look at to those that aren't particularly aware of the assignment details. Some of my work from Color Theory is kind of boring otherwise.

I begin by English Comp class today, so I won't have anything too interesting to post in regards to school for a while. I'll keep posting any new drawings that I do on RateMyDrawings in my spare time though. I'll probably do most of those when Matt is on third shift so he's not getting angry at even more of my time spent away from him on the computer! hehe Love you Matt! ;o}

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  1. Haha... spoke too soon. Oh well, I enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame and I have to admit the new one in second place is pretty darn awesome! ;o} As for my worm, well... he's been way up and down the list for the last two days, so that was no surprise. I'm just glad I caught them in the top five... that was wicked regardless of how long it lasted. I didn't even realize you could view them this way until my Aunt Linda called me late yesterday afternoon to let me know Crush was in second place. I was like "W'uh? How do you know?" lol

  2. That's awesome, Sara. I Love your new artwork updates. It's so you!! keep it up - even if you think it's boring to the rest of us. It's not.

    I'm going to go see if I can vote again. Your drawings are the best. Seriously.

    this is Rachel, not JD, by the way

  3. Oh yeah, my grade... I got an "A". Yay, keeping that 4.0! :oD


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