Saturday, May 10

Perspective: Week 2

This week we learned about two-point perspective. I really enjoyed this week in class. I had some great classmates that left some terrific feedback. I guess that's really the best thing about taking these online classes. A large portion of our grade is class discussion so while talking about each other's work is a bit forced, it really works out so well. We really get a lot of constructive critism; and more importantly for me - we learn out to GIVE constructive feedback. Anyway, here's some work from this week in class:

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  1. Oh my gosh, did those take you a year to finish? Seriously? That looks like a lot of work. But, they're awesome! I can't believe it.

    Did you do them on paper and then scan them in? Please don't tell me these are digital!?

    Two more things...are those apple trees I see in the picture? ;-)

    Love the new layout!

  2. Actually, they did not take too terribly long once I got settled in to draw. We were not allowed to do anything digital for this class. These are all pencil drawings on paper that I scanned in. I had to run out and buy an all-in-one printer/scanner just so I could turn in my first assignment! It's a great one though, I absolutely love it!

  3. Oh yeah... those DO look suspiciously like apple trees! lol I don't even KNOW when I'm doing it
    !!! Hahaha


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