Monday, May 12

Perspective: Week 4

Week four in Perspective became a bit more in depth, which I craved at this point. We began learning about how to draw shadows and reflections. I was absolutely intrigued. I had only been shown how to "guess" where the light source was and therefore "guess" where the shadows would be. I had not realized there could be any formula involved (if you can call it that.) This was the first time I had ever been shown that there is a way to figure out exactly where the shadows would lay. It was very exciting and something I know I will use in the future! Here is some of my work from this week:

This first one was just a shadow excercise. We had to place objects under the light at different angles and draw them. Pretty basic stuff here.

This second drawing was of various objects with the same light source drawn in two-point perspective. The small circle near the top would be the light source. The dot directly beneath that is the shadow source. You use that dot to draw the shadow lines just as you do the object; using those orthogonal lines that I wanted to erase desperately! hehe I liked how this one turned out.

The last one is a made up landscape drawing using what we learned about shadows and reflections. Nothing special as far as the drawing goes, but I enjoyed drawing it anyway.

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  1. yeah, that's probably right about when I would have to bow out of the class!!!!


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