Tuesday, December 19

Not forgotten

Update: No, I have not given up on my blog! ;o}

I've just been crazy busy at work, and work is the only place that I have access to my blog. I really enjoy this thing, and can't wait until I can really take off with it.

However, I just started it at a bad time. It's the end of year and I am up to my ears in profiles! Really... I can't even see my screen. I'm typing blindly, so beware any typos!

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know... my blog may be neglected, but it's not forgotten ! ! !

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Friday, November 3

Jumping for Joy!

'Cause I'm one of them!!!
Whew... results came back. Everything is clear! Hooray!!!!

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Thursday, November 2

Best Halloween Ever!

Trick~or~Treat ! ! !

Sorry for the lack of entries. I’ve been completely swamped at work. End of year is a very busy time for me.

My Halloween started with a trip to the dermatologist for two tiny procedures. I had a mole on my little toe that resembled melanoma and a tiny spot on my nose that looked suspicious. The one on my nose resembles a basal cell carcinoma. This is one of the least worrisome skin cancers. They never spread and are always treatable. I’m more worried about the spot on my toe. Melanoma is the worst type of skin cancer and some even say one of the worst types of cancers because it’s spreads quickly and easily. So, keep a watch out for anything suspicious and consult with your doctor if you find anything unusual, or changing.

In men, melanoma most often shows up:

  • on the upper body, between the shoulders and hips
  • on the head and neck

In women, melanoma often develops on the lower legs.
In dark-skinned people, melanoma often appears:

  • under the fingernails or toenails
  • on the palms of the hands
  • on the soles of the feet
I should get my results sometime today ~ so say a little prayer for me. I’ll keep you posted!

Now, back to why I started this entry: Halloween!

Because of my little trip to the doctor, I ended up taking the entire day off from work. This was a miracle in itself! Halloween day is the worst day to travel ever. Even beats Thanksgiving Day! This was the first year I didn’t have to sit in traffic for hours and rush to get the kids ready in time. Rather, I spent some time relaxing at Mom’s.

We started the evening at the Fall Festival at our church. It was lovely! Mom and I “worked” at the pumpkin painting tables. (I don’t really consider anything to do with paintbrushes, paints, and kids “work.” More like FUN!)

There was a ton to do for all the kids, free food, and great company. I’m really glad we went.

Afterwards we all headed to our house to get ready. Anthony changed into a vampire, Adam; our knight, and Nathan transformed into our chef. It was nice having such a small group. It was Dad, Mom, Adam, Anthony, Nathan, and I. (We missed you Jess! Joel fell asleep after the Fall Festival and stayed home with Matt.) Nathan’s costume was a hit; there were several “oohs” and “aahs.”

Most of the other children were finished trick-or-treating before we even began. That didn’t dampen our spirits! We had a blast! There were still several lit houses around and nearly all of them were tossing candy into the boy’s bags by the handfuls! After just a few houses, their bags were getting quite heavy! We made it down a few streets and then headed back to my house.

I only hope next year turns out so pleasant!

On a side note: I created the picture at the top of this entry via Photoshop for a contest. They supplied the picture of the witch below and we were to do whatever we wanted with it. I decided to turn her into a costume. I did not win. I spent a lot of time with the fern and her hat and didn’t spend the time I should have masking the bristles of the broom and they noticed the difference. I still think it turned out pretty cute. Either way ~ I had fun making it!

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Monday, October 9

Small wonders

After several weeks of my begging, church members dropping by, and our pastor calling personally ~~ Matt finally joined us for bible study and church on Sunday! Talk about answered prayer! It seems he enjoyed himself too, so I'll continue to pray for his return next Sunday. This Sunday will be pretty crucial. Two Sundays in a row; I think I can get him to go on a semi-regular basis. On the other hand, if he just doesn't feel up to going for whatever excuse that morning, I don't know when I'd get him to go back again. Everyone at church was so happy to see him and great about making him feel welcome, I'm hopeful he'll come back.

Our other mini-miracle (Is there such a thing?)...

Just before dozing off last night, Matt reached for my hand and... just held it. I was so shocked at this unusually tender act that I couldn't sleep. Just laid there with my hand resting in his, touched to the point of tears. (Still now my screen is growing quite blurry!) While this may seem insignificant to you, it is a huge deal to me. While Matt may have his sweet moments and something such as a hug is a very normal occurance by day... this sort of (ha!) sentimental act just doesn't occur.

Rather than being angered by the fact that this does not happen regulary. I'm happy that it's rare and therefore even more meaningful and special. Ladies, don't take those acts for granted. Rather, treasure them as I do ~ forever. ;o}

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How our sink grew hair

Friday night Anthony wasn't feeling all that well, so he went to bed a little early. Matt and Joel always go to bed early, so that left me and my little Mr. Nathan. He asked me to lay on the couch with him and watch some tv. I was enjoying our little snuggle time. He'd look over, hug me and say "Mom, you're so cuuuute..." I'd laugh and tell him he was cute too. It was quite enjoyable...

Then, I reached up to ruffle his hair and wasn't quite familiar with the feeling of the spiky spot of hair on top. I was puzzled, and sat up to find that he had chopped his hair! Butchered it. I assumed that it had happened at Mima's earlier that day and thought he had probably already been punished by her and Daddy after he picked him up in the afternoon. So, I went with the nice, "we don't do that" chat.

We got up to go to bed and I realized someone was in the bathroom. I went to make sure it wasn't Anthony since he was feeling ill. The door was locked and no one was answering from inside. I was a little concerned so I first checked to make sure Matt was in bed, which he was. Anthony was also sleeping soundly.

I asked Nathan if he had locked the door since I remembered him using it last. He said Anthony did it, but I knew better. (If ever in doubt, blame your older brother.) I asked him not to lock the door and put him to bed. All those long, thin, metal keys for our door knobs have been lost. I proceeded into the kitchen to get the ink portion out of a pen to use in the place of a key.

I opened the door to find a very hairy sink and a small pair of scissors that Matt keeps in the bathroom. Once I realized that he had done it that night, under my watch, and I put him to bed with little more than a "no, no" speech - I was mortified. What's to keep him from doing it again if I didn't emphasize how important it was not to play with scissors? What a little swindler he was!

His punishment was this... Matt gave both he and Anthony hair cuts on Saturday. Being the first time Matt had ever cut hair, he took forever. It was a super long time for Nathan to sit still. He really was a trooper and I kept reminding him about the reason he had to sit there. I don't think he'll be cutting his hair again any time soon. (Fingers crossed!)

Matt wasn't able to cut Nathan's hair on top very much. We need the length to cover the mess he made of his scalp. He did a terrific job with Anthony's though!

Friday, October 6

Mazel Tov

Okay, so I mentioned in my profile that creating layouts is the main portion of my job duties. Well, we have branches all over the U.S. and the manager's of those branches are the one's that send me all the information I need (i.e. some pictures and the job description information.) Well, I received a great one today! Not only the job itself. The fun part for this one is all in the pics.

See for yourself:

They're not even sure how these Jewish sayings ended up on their pictures, but evidently the foreman bought a disposable camera to use for these shots and we're guessing that it places the taglines on there by default somehow.

Between you and me: It had to be posted all over that camera. My guess is; he bought it purposefully for someone's bar mitzvah... Had some exposures left and grabbed it for this job ~ forgetting what the camera's speciality was! ;o}

I just thought it was hysterical! Maybe it's just me, but I had to share my giggle of the day!

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Little Mr. Invisible

You know when you're a little toddler and you still believe that if you can't see others, they can't see you?

Well... We've been having some issues getting Nathan to stay in his bed at night to go to sleep. We recently bought Nathan and Anthony bunk beds and had hoped that would help, but unfortunately not. I've been trying to give him stickers for the nights that he does stay in bed. Once he fills a sheet, he gets a trip to the store for a new book. Which has helped ~ a little.

 Anyway, last night I'm sitting on the couch after everyone has gone to bed and I hear our bedroom door handle being turned. I thought Matt was getting up, but I turned to find "Little Mr. Invisible" trying to sneak into our bed.

 He was "hiding" with his arm over his eyes... Of course I can't see him, right?! He freezes... and looks completely shocked when I - after stiffling a giggle - ask him kindly to go back to bed. He did just that, and I never heard another peep.

He probably fell asleep trying to figure out how his Mommy could possibly see someone that's just not there! hehe It seems... I have super powers as well! ;o}

Thursday, October 5

Angelic grafitti

I recently completed a four-week online course in Photoshop. I learned all sorts of really cool "tricks of the trade." Some more complicated than others.

This one is fairly simple to do. I started with this sketch I drew of an angel (which incidentally; I drew a month before 9/11.)

This trick allows you to take any image of a brick/rock wall and put another image on it that in the end looks as if it were spray painted on.

Here's how it looked when I completed it:

Just a fun little trick with some cool possibilities.

The hardest part is getting the perspective just right. You're really taking a flat image and distorting it to match the direction of the wall.

By the way, I'm always on the lookout for fun pictures to use for various projects.

If you know of any, or you'd like me to try something in particular for you ~ Just let me know!

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Is it my birthday?

Wow, I'm SO excited!

Jackie, in our IT department, surprised me with a brand new 19" flat screen monitor on my desk. It was all set up and ready to go this morning!

I feel like I need to back up about twenty feet or so. This thing is HUGE! Check it out
here. Pretty cool!

I'm going to try to add some Photoshop stuff on here later today.

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Wednesday, October 4

First comes the blog, then comes...???

Okay, finally all set to blog away.

Tomorrow I hope to post a few pics of some things I've recently been learning in Photoshop. That's mostly what I want to use this for. A place to keep track of my progress and current projects. ;o} I'm having a blast with these creations!

But, for now - I need to get headed home. I've already stayed at work too late. (What's new?) I had hoped to leave on time today... oh well.

Good night all!

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