Thursday, October 5

Is it my birthday?

Wow, I'm SO excited!

Jackie, in our IT department, surprised me with a brand new 19" flat screen monitor on my desk. It was all set up and ready to go this morning!

I feel like I need to back up about twenty feet or so. This thing is HUGE! Check it out
here. Pretty cool!

I'm going to try to add some Photoshop stuff on here later today.

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  1. Congrats on the screen, but don't you really need a new CPU?

  2. No, this one's only about two years old. Also, Jackie just added a ton of memory to my computer about a month or so ago. So I'm good to go! ;o}

  3. I see. Guess I need to come and work so I can see it, lol. I'd say we could go to lunch, but next week is going to be crazy!

  4. Speaking of working here, I've been meaning to ask you and/or Mom if you ever got your check for last time you worked here... So, did ya... huh, huh?


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