Monday, October 9

Small wonders

After several weeks of my begging, church members dropping by, and our pastor calling personally ~~ Matt finally joined us for bible study and church on Sunday! Talk about answered prayer! It seems he enjoyed himself too, so I'll continue to pray for his return next Sunday. This Sunday will be pretty crucial. Two Sundays in a row; I think I can get him to go on a semi-regular basis. On the other hand, if he just doesn't feel up to going for whatever excuse that morning, I don't know when I'd get him to go back again. Everyone at church was so happy to see him and great about making him feel welcome, I'm hopeful he'll come back.

Our other mini-miracle (Is there such a thing?)...

Just before dozing off last night, Matt reached for my hand and... just held it. I was so shocked at this unusually tender act that I couldn't sleep. Just laid there with my hand resting in his, touched to the point of tears. (Still now my screen is growing quite blurry!) While this may seem insignificant to you, it is a huge deal to me. While Matt may have his sweet moments and something such as a hug is a very normal occurance by day... this sort of (ha!) sentimental act just doesn't occur.

Rather than being angered by the fact that this does not happen regulary. I'm happy that it's rare and therefore even more meaningful and special. Ladies, don't take those acts for granted. Rather, treasure them as I do ~ forever. ;o}

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  1. I completely understand, Sara. I'm so happy to hear about him coming to Bible Study. Are you all going to a new church?

    As for the hand-holding, I understand that too. That is a cherishable moment!

  2. We've been going to Fellowship Baptist Church in Warrenton for several years now. Matt used to go with us, but we had some issues with one of the deacons and it made Matt uncomfortable. We now have an interim pastor that is awesome and I've really been wanting Matt to come hear him. It was nice to have him join us again!

  3. Somebody's been SLACKING! :) Love ya! ;)

  4. Okay girl you got us hooked. Now quit slacking and UPDATE YOUR BLOG!
    Love you,

  5. laa....diii....da......WAITING


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