Friday, October 6

Little Mr. Invisible

You know when you're a little toddler and you still believe that if you can't see others, they can't see you?

Well... We've been having some issues getting Nathan to stay in his bed at night to go to sleep. We recently bought Nathan and Anthony bunk beds and had hoped that would help, but unfortunately not. I've been trying to give him stickers for the nights that he does stay in bed. Once he fills a sheet, he gets a trip to the store for a new book. Which has helped ~ a little.

 Anyway, last night I'm sitting on the couch after everyone has gone to bed and I hear our bedroom door handle being turned. I thought Matt was getting up, but I turned to find "Little Mr. Invisible" trying to sneak into our bed.

 He was "hiding" with his arm over his eyes... Of course I can't see him, right?! He freezes... and looks completely shocked when I - after stiffling a giggle - ask him kindly to go back to bed. He did just that, and I never heard another peep.

He probably fell asleep trying to figure out how his Mommy could possibly see someone that's just not there! hehe It seems... I have super powers as well! ;o}


  1. He's so cute... awe I miss my Nathan. I never get to see him anymore.

  2. PS: You spelled Melisa's name incorrectly... only one S.

  3. That is too cute. I love that story. Told very well by the way. I guess you have the North storytelling abilities too. Love you blog by the way. Keep it up.

    I will just have to be your aunt tina too. Not going to create another account.

    Love you

  4. think I said by the way enough in there?

    I love you by the way

  5. What a terrific story. I agree, Aunt Tina - she does have a way of telling stories! How adorable! I really wish we were closer to experience all those things with you guys, by the way. :-)

  6. :op You guys are cracking me up! Thanks for the kudos. I don't think I'm near as good as Rachel ( the way!) ;o)


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