Friday, October 6

Mazel Tov

Okay, so I mentioned in my profile that creating layouts is the main portion of my job duties. Well, we have branches all over the U.S. and the manager's of those branches are the one's that send me all the information I need (i.e. some pictures and the job description information.) Well, I received a great one today! Not only the job itself. The fun part for this one is all in the pics.

See for yourself:

They're not even sure how these Jewish sayings ended up on their pictures, but evidently the foreman bought a disposable camera to use for these shots and we're guessing that it places the taglines on there by default somehow.

Between you and me: It had to be posted all over that camera. My guess is; he bought it purposefully for someone's bar mitzvah... Had some exposures left and grabbed it for this job ~ forgetting what the camera's speciality was! ;o}

I just thought it was hysterical! Maybe it's just me, but I had to share my giggle of the day!

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  1. Nice... why didn't they just cut them down before they sent them in? Or did they find it humerous as well?

  2. That's my job. ;o) Those guys don't have the programs to do anything with the pics. It will be easy to crop out. Just thought it was funny.


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