Monday, October 9

How our sink grew hair

Friday night Anthony wasn't feeling all that well, so he went to bed a little early. Matt and Joel always go to bed early, so that left me and my little Mr. Nathan. He asked me to lay on the couch with him and watch some tv. I was enjoying our little snuggle time. He'd look over, hug me and say "Mom, you're so cuuuute..." I'd laugh and tell him he was cute too. It was quite enjoyable...

Then, I reached up to ruffle his hair and wasn't quite familiar with the feeling of the spiky spot of hair on top. I was puzzled, and sat up to find that he had chopped his hair! Butchered it. I assumed that it had happened at Mima's earlier that day and thought he had probably already been punished by her and Daddy after he picked him up in the afternoon. So, I went with the nice, "we don't do that" chat.

We got up to go to bed and I realized someone was in the bathroom. I went to make sure it wasn't Anthony since he was feeling ill. The door was locked and no one was answering from inside. I was a little concerned so I first checked to make sure Matt was in bed, which he was. Anthony was also sleeping soundly.

I asked Nathan if he had locked the door since I remembered him using it last. He said Anthony did it, but I knew better. (If ever in doubt, blame your older brother.) I asked him not to lock the door and put him to bed. All those long, thin, metal keys for our door knobs have been lost. I proceeded into the kitchen to get the ink portion out of a pen to use in the place of a key.

I opened the door to find a very hairy sink and a small pair of scissors that Matt keeps in the bathroom. Once I realized that he had done it that night, under my watch, and I put him to bed with little more than a "no, no" speech - I was mortified. What's to keep him from doing it again if I didn't emphasize how important it was not to play with scissors? What a little swindler he was!

His punishment was this... Matt gave both he and Anthony hair cuts on Saturday. Being the first time Matt had ever cut hair, he took forever. It was a super long time for Nathan to sit still. He really was a trooper and I kept reminding him about the reason he had to sit there. I don't think he'll be cutting his hair again any time soon. (Fingers crossed!)

Matt wasn't able to cut Nathan's hair on top very much. We need the length to cover the mess he made of his scalp. He did a terrific job with Anthony's though!


  1. Oh my gosh - the great things I get to look forward to! I love it!

  2. Hehe, it was funny to read the story after I had already heard it! :) It really isn't that noticable unless you know it's there.


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