Wednesday, November 5

Painting with lipstick:

Wow, you have to watch this painting of Angelina Jolie created with LIPSTICK! It's fascinating... I would have never thought to use lipstick to draw, but I bet it would blend great. Though, I'm not sure where the artist gets all these obscure colors. Quite an expensive hobby! Let me know what you think...

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  1. It just amazes me that people can do this stuff upside down - can you do that? I'm sure you can.

  2. Actually, that's a common trick used by artists. It helps you to draw things in correct proportion and color scale. When we look at things as we do everyday, we tend to assume certain things, but when we look at them upside down, we see the shapes more clearly as they truly are broken down because we are seeing them as we've never seen them before. I'm not sure if that makes sense at all, but give it a shot and maybe you'll see just what I mean. ;o}


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