Friday, November 14

College Math I

I have officially finished my first full year of college courses! Yay ME! hehe

My College Math I class began last night. Would you believe I'm actually looking forward to taking this class!? Especially after my last two utterly boring classes: Concept Development and Analysis & History of Design *yawn*.

Did I lose you too?

I am actually quite fond of algebra and am anxious to begin. We'll see how much I remember though, since I haven't really applied any math directly since I graduated from high school in '97. I'm anxious to get a head start before my Anthony's math homework reaches beyond what I currently remember! ;o}

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  1. Haha you are weird but so am I because I was excited to have Biostatistics this semester because I missed having a math class :)

  2. I had to do my first ten algebraic expression last night. Matt was laughing at me as I was shouting in glee when I remembered how to do something. "Oh yeaaaah... I have to" blah blah blah...

    It was fun! Half of them were word problems though, which I used to absolutely positively despise, but I think I got the hang of them this time. I was having problems with one of them - Matt told me to call you, but it was 10:15 or so and I was afraid you'd be asleep or something, so I didn't.

    I may have to in the future few weeks though! So, keep your ears open for me! hehe

    Love ya,


  3. haha I was up until like 3 studying for a test :)

  4. Only two more quizzes to go and I'm DONE!


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