Monday, November 17

Address not found

Has anyone tried mapping an address that isn't found by Mapquest, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, or the like? Our entire subdivision is nothing but dirt on Google Earth and our address does not exist with any map I have used in the last three years. It's frustrating when you're trying to give out directions and you can't pull up a map without finding the spot yourself.

Here's a map of our subdivision ye old dirt... lol

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It's frustrating because we have lived there for nearly four years! We have grass now, I swear!

Well, I decided to do a little research on how to add our address to these maps - particularly Google Maps, because I use them all the time. I found two useful sites and added our address to each of them. I would imagine it will take some time for the maps to be updated, and then they are merely available for sale to map sites like those mentioned earlier. It could still take years for them to be added! LOL But, at least I'm being somewhat proactive about it. I can't stand that we're not on these maps. It's like we don't even exist! hehe

Anyway, the first site is: NAVTEQ Map Reporter™
"Travelers, businesses and leading device manufacturers choose NAVTEQ maps for their accuracy and reliability. You can help us maintain and improve that accuracy by reporting changes whenever you see them."

The second major source of maps is Map Insight by TeleAtlas.

So, if you run across any addresses that do not exist, no longer exist, or are in need of an update - you know where to go too! *smile*

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