Thursday, November 13

Gift Ideas for Joel:

Joel's gift ideas:

Well, a few family members have been asking what to get Joel for his birthday, so I decided to dedicate a post to what Joel likes and what he would enjoy.

Joel hasn't really found his favorite subject like a particular movie, animals, or cars/trucks so finding suggestions for him can be tricky. However, finding something he will love is simple. He loves almost any toys and games like Elefun, which we have and he plays several times a day (YES - a DAY!). Any games directed to the toddler age would be perfect.

One I know he wants is a game called "What's in Ned's Head?" The link says it's out of stock, so it may be hard to find.

There is the old cash register that we had as kids. Mom has one at her house and Joel LOVES that thing. I know he wouldn't mind having one of his very own. ;o}

There's the "Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar" so he will quit fighting for Nathan's guitar. Ha!

A bathtime toy: "Wonderpets Fly Boat."

Those are just a few that I can think of right now. I'll ask him at home tonight and see if he has anything he'd like to add to the list.

Love you all and see you on Sunday!

P.S. (If anyone is in need of directions, just let me know!)
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  1. How is that possible? Did I actually ASK for someone to buy my son a guitar that reverberates off the walls??? Eeek! And someone listened... I am now requesting ear plugs for Christmas this year! :oD


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