Friday, January 16

Read no further if your name ends in "il" and starts with "G"

Okay so Dad's birthday is around the corner. (Luckily he doesn't read this blog... and Dad - in case you do stumble across this page for some reason... go to some other page, 'cause this isn't intended for your eyes! :op)

Birthday Gift Idea!

Poor Dad always seems to get left out. I just never know what to get him and I hate to think that he may feel unappreciated for all that he does for us. Well, opportunity is a-knockin'...

(Can I sound any more hick-ville?) Well, we are talking about my Dad. haha Just kidding!

So, about what I found:

I found this amazing Paintball Store having an awesome after Christmas sale. What grown man wouldn't love to have his own paintball set? Dad has gone to a few paintball places with some guys and then couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had (or the "war" injuries-of-honor.) I have to admit; I'd love to try it out myself sometime, but I'd want head-to-toe armor of some sort. Not just some little face mask... I'm a big baby and I don't want bruises all over my chest, arms, and everywhere else that gets pelted with those little balls of paint. Though I haven't the slightest idea how to use a gun I think it'd be fun. Not to mention my parents house in the woods is the epitomy of ideal territory for this type of sport, persay. Adam will be thirteen this October and I think this is something they could do together quite often - with Mom's permission, of course.

Well, if anyone is interested in going in on this with me [hint-hint-Jess] (or buying your own, for that matter), here's the link to paintball sniper. Check it out, it sure looks like they have absolutely everything you would need. Maybe we can get a group together sometime. *wink* I'd imagine Matt and Rich would want in on the action too!

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  1. That's a BRILLIANT idea! You're right, their land is perfect for this. Now, would Tina play?

  2. Great question! Somehow I doubt it, but you never know.... I need to ask her. ;o}

  3. I knew you would, without a doubt. ;o]

    It'd be fun, wouldn't it?!


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