Wednesday, July 2

Abstract Palm Tree

(Screenie of finished drawing below.)

Here's a link to "Abstract Palm Tree"

"Riccir; the guidelines, outline, initial shading. I added leaves, skin tone. Riccir added flowers, pot, erased guidelines, added border and then I finished with remaining ink. NOTE: No text tool used - those letters were painstakingly added by hand."(Drawn in collaboration with Riccir.)

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  1. VERY nice!!!

    I like your new layout, too!

    Are you and your sister and mom ignoring me or what? I'm coming to St. Louis for two to three weeks, and I want to see you. Someone e-mail me back!!!! :-)

  2. Hey Sara! Another masterpiece I see ;) Hey, I don't know if you've already heard from Rachel or not but she'll be in town next week and we're having a karaoke outting. Rachel, myself, Dude, your mom and dad, some people we went to high school with, lots of people invited so I wanted to send you an invite too. It will be next Friday the 11th at 9:00pm at Ethals in O'Fallon. Let us know if you think you'll be able to make it!

  3. I'm impressed :) I wouldn't have expected this from you at all, but it's neat!


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