Thursday, September 10

OCD - Speech Video 2

Well, this is my second speech for my class. I was able to read a lot less this time, so that was some improvement. We were supposed to focus on movement and gestures this time, so that explains the awkward hand flailing! *grin* I took a million shots before this one. I would do one part perfect, and then something would go wrong, so I'd start over. Then, I'd mess up what I usually got right because I'd gone over it too many times. I finally decided to just get through it, no matter what.

THIS is the result, so pardon my little goof ups there at the end. :o}

I must admit, after watching the videos of my classmates - I felt MUCH better about mine. (I know, sounds terrible, but it's true!) I got on this morning and a classmate said it was the best he'd seen so far, so that was a little boost.

I needed it too, I was literally in knots with muscle spasms the entire way home when I finished this. It's weird - I didn't realize how stressed it was making me, until I actually finished.

I'll be SO glad when this class is BEHIND me!

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  1. im writing a speech that i have to give in class tomorrow we have to have a preview what do i doooo!


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