Wednesday, May 9

Well, I give up...

I spent hours looking for a great excuse for not blogging for five straight months. Turns out, there's lots of neglected blogs, but everyone just comes back apologizing for the lack of updates.

*looks around nervously*

My excuse??? Would you believe that NOTHING at ALL bloggable has happened to me in the past five months?

Yeah, didn't think you'd buy that one... but it was worth a shot!

*sigh* (Consider my hand slapped.)

So... Where was I?

Ah, I created the new banner for my blog today. I kinda like it. Feel free to comment. I love feedback. ;o}

As for what's new: We just (FINALLY) finished the landscaping around our house. We had the edging done last year. So we've basically had this squiggly line of concrete running around our yard. 'Cause that's beautimous, dont'cha know? hehe

It really looks terrific now that it's completed. And ~ I can say that, because I had absolutely no part in it what-so-ever, so it's not bragging! *winkety-wink*

Here's a few pics, and then I've gotta scoot. I WILL be doing my best to get on here on a semi-regular basis now. I'm pretty caught up at work and should have some extra time here and there.

Work in progress - Filling in the curbing with dirt (Fun stuff)

This was what it looks like all finished. Of course, you'll have to take my word for it when I say these pictures truly do not do it any justice.

This is the island near the street. It's it pretty?

This is another "work in progress" shot, but you can see the placement of the island in our yard.

And this was a very wonderful, largely appreciated, (late) birthday present to both Matt and myself from the greatest parents in the entire universe....
My Mommy & Daddy!

*kiss kiss*

And now, I need to head out into that nightmare called traffic...

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    you posted!? I am so glad to hear from you. That house is so pretty! It's nice to FINALLY see it! And that yard - GUUUURLLLL!!!

    I love the banner too! If I could ever get on the new blogger, I might do something cute with my site, but so far - no dice!

    Love, ME

  2. It really looks awesome! Even better in person!

  3. Hey Sara! I found you on Rachel's Blog! Did YOU draw that banner?????!!!!! It's AWESOME! I hope you're doing well. I think I vaguely remember hearing about a blog for you quite some time back but I can't remember that well. Anyway, I've added you to my blog now, so I can check in on you too! Love you!


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