Thursday, August 2

Dancing Petals

Oh yeah! I also did a little doodle last night...

It's always been hard for me to draw without having a reference there to look at. This was practice... just a little something I conjured up. The scan's not the greatest, but it's no major work of art - just a little doodle! Had fun drawing it though.

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  1. just a freaking DOODLE? Seriously - that is awesome!!!!!

    I need you to do some work for me.

  2. Yeah, was SUPPOSED to do a mural for Lorelei, huh? Mom & I were never able to make it together to get the supplies! Sad excuse, I know. At least you have Mom's piece! (Speaking of awesome!)

  3. haha you should see MY amazing doodles :) :)

  4. I have seen some. You've drawn some pretty cool stuff.


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