Friday, August 22

Nathan's Turn!

That's right ladies, I'm girl crazy. :oD

.... Raaawr !

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  1. oh my gosh, what is going on with these two videos!?

  2. Ha! This is just the boys and I playing around on the "pewter". ;o} It's a fun little program where you can do all sorts of things with a photograph. We had a good time tonight full of lots of laughter. I promised Joel I would make him one tomorrow. Anthony wants to do the dogs now... *sigh* Ha!

    Anthony wanted to show his to my parents and the first file we created was over 400 MB. I figured out how to make it a smaller .wmv file, but thought posting it on the blog would be the best way to share it. Of course, Nathan had to follow suit. lol

  3. I should note, Nathan picked out his own stuff and aptly said, "Yeah, I'm a ladies man!... that one!" HA HA HA


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