Wednesday, October 1

Marble on Marble

I did look at an image of a marble when creating this one. I wanted something simple. I was testing the new java drawing tools that RMD has offered to a select few artists. It is more like Photoshop. You have more tools, layers, and the biggest selling point; unlimited ink, but it does not show the drawing animation once completed. For that reason alone, I don't like it much. Being able to watch the drawings from beginning to end is WHY I fell in with love RMD in the first place. I am rather disappointed when I open an awesome picture and am unable to watch it's creation. I don't plan to use it much at all, but did want to take it for a test drive - and break out the tablet for a change too. ;o}

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  1. Did you have this to look at, or just out of your head?

  2. I looked at an image of a marble to do this one. I've added to the post to explain more. ;o} Generally, if I do something merely from my imagination... I'll post that all over the place because I get rather excited about it! lol Otherwise, it's safe to assume that I looked at something for reference. If it's a close copy of something, I'll post a link to the original. If not here, then on my drawing blog at RMD. I need to be more careful to do that here too.


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