Saturday, June 7

Frog Paradise for Drawing Day

Here's a link to "Frog Paradise for Drawing Day"
"Well that was fun! :o}"

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  1. You never cease to amaze me! Hey, when you do these drawings on here, are they saved for you somewhere in a digital format (without the animation)? I'm curious because I'd like to have some of them printed and framed for art in my house! I'm not kidding, seriously do you have these in a format I could print?

  2. Well, I am only aware of one way to print them. When you go to the website and view the animation, there is a printer icon on the upper right of the image. I am not sure how good the resolution would be though.

    The prize for some of the competitions is a copy of your image on stretched canvas, so it has to be possible to get a clean cut print. I have yet to try. ;o}


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