Thursday, June 19

Glowing Candle

Here's a link to "Glowing Candle"
"This was a fun one…! ;o} Hope you enjoy how it turned out."

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  1. okay, girl. I'm coming to St. Louis in July......I need to pay you to start a painting for me....what'ya think?

  2. Sounds like fun! But, I haven't done any REAL painting in years (and years!) lol So, just don't expect perfection, k! :oD I'm a tad rusty... heh What do you have in mind?? Anything in particular?

  3. Okay, seriously? It's so interesting because when your blog first comes up I can't see the entire picture. I can only see it's beginning stages or something. As I'm watching it, I'm so completely amazed by the end at the details it took to create it, I'm blown away! Beautiful!


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