Friday, June 6

Peacock Feather for Drawing Day

Here's a link to "Peacock Feather for Drawing Day"
"LOL Hope you like this one. My hand is now in knots!"

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  1. Again... it is not finishing the drawing on here. Here's the link:

    Please - take a look!



  2. It finished for me... must just be your computer

  3. So, you see the two waterdrops?

    It doesn't finish for me on two computers (my laptop and work).

  4. Haha guess I was wrong :) nope didn't see any water drops, but it looked finished when it stopped

  5. Yeah, I think I have figured out what causes it. I often save during my draw so I don't lose what I have done so far. They save as an .rmd file (RateMyDrawings.) It looks like it is only showing up to where I last uploaded my saved file for some strange reason. Anyway, it's not that big of a deal I suppose. It was the first time I ever attempted water drops though. :oD


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